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Your contact at imagomag

Jean-François KELLER / David SOYER
+33 3 89 46 83 14 (Monday to Friday morning)

The images

How are the themes and images chosen?

The themes are established by the imagomag team according to a style bureau’s advice and the team’s coup de cœurs.
Then the images are chosen by specialists of our archives among the 6 million designs of the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes in Mulhouse. Finally a professional photographer is in charge of digitizing them.

Are the images of the website ready to use?

No. The images you can see online are archive documents photographed as presented in our books. A prior work is necessary to any re-issue (putting at repeat, clearing…).
We are at your service for any work on our images and we can put you in touch with regional partners able to do it.

Why is the exclusive not secured?

The images put online by imagomag are taken from the Museum’s archives, which contain millions of textile samples from the mid 18th century till today.
Set up as a library for designers, these archives contain samples that could be present in other places: museums, private collections, antique dealers… That is why imagomag cannot secure you the exclusive on these designs. It mostly offers a service of accessing to an inexhautible documentation whose reproduction as it is remains the subscriber’s responsibility.
In other respects, imagomag promises to take away from the website any document that would be reserved and to allow no one to access it during the reservation period.

Can I access the archives you take the images from?

Professionals are allowed to access the archives of the Museum with an appointement, Monday to Friday.
Prices and information at +33 3 89 46 83 02.


What is the difference between INSPIRATION and RESERVATION access?

The Inspiration access mostly is a way to create a work base about a theme, at a rate of 50 downloadable images per theme.
These images are specific to the inspiration access, cannont be reserved and are licence free.

The images you can access in Reservation are available for consultation online and offer a purchasing opportunity. The purchase is made by reservation for a renewable period of 1 to 3 years.
The adquirer only can download the reserved images that can no longer be seen by the other subscribers. The reserved images are automatically taken away from the website and replaced by new ones to allow a constant access to 50 images per theme.

How much time do the subscriptions last?

The subscriptions last for 1 year, date of payment. However the subscriber can access a locked account for one more month, end of subscription.

Subscriber access

How can I access the images once I have subscribed?

Once you are a subscriber, your account is created. Then you just have to identify in  Espace PRO > Subscriber access (login – password). You can access your themes in Espace PRO > My subscriptions. Click on [I] for Inspiration and on [R] for Reservation.
As soon as you identified, you can access through the navigation bar too (at the top: the collection).

How to download the images in INSPIRATION?

You can either download the images one by one, clicking on the flat disk icon, or download the whole theme choosing the option download the whole theme (.zip file).

I have subscribed to RESERVATION but I cannot see the pictures!

The zoom allowing you to visualize the images in RESERVATION needs the Flash Player plug-in. Its installation is free, fast and can be done directly on the Macromedia website.

Image reservation

How long can you reserve an image?

The subscriber can reserve an image for 1, 2 or 3 years, renewable. The starting date is the date of payment. The reservation ends at the same date 1, 2 or 3 years later.
The subscriber will be informed concerning the images coming at end of reservation, one month before the expiry date. Then it will be possible to renew the reservation for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years.

How to reserve?

The subscription permits an access to all the reservable images. You can access the images in high resolution during 1 year (and also the themes coming up during your subscription) to make your choice.
Once done, just put the image(s) in your shopping basket, precise the duration of reservation for each one of them, and validate your order. Then you are redirected to the secured website of our bank CIAL where you can give your details.
As soon as the transaction gets validated, your images are reserved.

How can I get my reserved image(s)?

Your images can be downloaded directly from your account (Espace PRO> Subscriber access > Go to my account > My reserved images). You can see the quality of the image by zooming at the maximum on a detail. These images are reduced to a 5Mb format in optimised JPEG, in order to be downloaded properly, but it is enough to work on.
For a more precise work, we will send you a CD-Rom with your images, digitized in very high resolution in their original shape (300dpi – TIFF).

Imagomag / MISE - 14, rue Jean-Jacques Henner - BP 1468 - F 68072 MULHOUSE CEDEX - tel : +33 (0)3 89 46 83 00